“The Eight Wonders” of Gabrovo

A funny list of “sights”, named “The Eight Wonders” of Gabrovo:

"A monument in the River"

A monument of Racho Kovacha built on an island in the Yantra River itself.

"A ship in the Woods"

The building of the Pulmonary Disease Hospital, which is shaped like a ship and is located in the woods.

"A tree in the middle of the road"

A centennial tree near the monument of Racho Kovacha, which divides Skobelevska Street in two.

Ladder going nowhere

Stairs in the woods near the Hоuse of Culture that lead nowhere.

"Planet Gabrovo"

“Planet Gabrovo” or Asteroid 2206-Gabrovo – a small planet named after Gabrovo and registered under № 2206.

"Three babes under the water"

A composition of three naked, bathing women holding a fish in their hands in the fountain in front of the railway station.

"The Knights in the Sky"

“The Knights in the Sky” which are located on the roof of the House of Culture “Emanuil Manolov”.

"Two Bridges"

“Two Bridges” side by side over the river. The city’s administration has preserved the ancient Baev Bridge for pedestrians and has built a new bridge next to it for cars.