Do you know that…

For Gabrovians they say that they are smart and enterprising people, and we are proud of the fact that when the world only begins discussing something, it is already done in Gabrovo. That’s why the first bulb in Bulgaria has been lit right here. Here are some of the things that we were also pioneers in:

  • The first secular new Bulgarian school – 1835
  • The first physics study room – 1872
  • The first factory in the Principality of Bulgaria – the factory of Ivan Kalpazanov – 1882
  • The first factory for the shoe molds – 1909
  • The First Red Cross Society – founded on 1 November 1883
  • The First Contemporary Concert Hall opened on 21 October 1962
  • The First Meteorological Station – 1 January 1887
  • The First Production Factory of powder -Elovitsa
  • The first brush factory – 1921 Stefan P. Kedev. The factory produced all types of brushes: painting, barber, drawing, for horses, for shoes, industrial rollers, and their quality competes successfully with German production
  • First in the country street radio – 1946
  • We introduced for the first time in the world the energy saving measures – cutting the tail of the cat so that it can enter more quickly and the heat doesn’t leave the room.
  • The first factory for knitwear in Bulgaria by Hristak Momerin and Tsanko Dyustabanov – 1890
  • The first producer of machines for weaving and spinning production in Bulgaria – DMZ ” Yantra “- 1956
  • The first factory for metal cutting in Bulgaria “Bolshevik”– 1950
  • First producer of glass wool in Bulgaria – Kosta Stoev plant in 1961
  • The first electric hoist, produced on the Balkans in the Podem plant “- 1961